Introduction to Computer in Urdu

You’re just beginning to our first lesson, introduction to Computer. In this article you'll be introduced to why we use computer and how it came to our lives. A basic definition to computer which will lead you to know, how we come up to the word ‘Computer’ what it makes everyone to use in their daily lives. 

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A Short Introduction to Computer

Computer is an electronic machine that can do mathematical operations electronically. Computer is derived from word 'Compute' it means doing mathematical operation. Computer is a machine that can send/receive information and save it in its memory and then process these information to give us valid results. Computer can do many types of mathematical/non-mathematical operations with 100% accurately and fastest speed.

Computer must require instructions to do these operations. A program can provide all types of required set of instructions to computer that is saved in computer memory we can also named this as 'Software'. When we input data into computer then a program (set of instructions) process this input data to output devices (e.g. Computer Screen/Monitor). We'll discuss about computer programs in more details later.

Uses of Computer

Nowadays computer is using in any parts of life from industries to a house life; it is everywhere. For example, in our daily life small computer circuits used in electric items (such as, clock, music player, mobile phones, etc). In this way computers are helping us to solve many of our problems to make this as compulsory part of life.

The invention of Personal Computer has given us most innovative, refined & widely used form of computer. It is most and the biggest aspect is that they are easy-to-use and easy to own. PC's are using for numerous purpose e.g. doing calculation, saving data records, creating house budget, playing video games for entertainment. PC's are also used for educational purposes. Teacher use to teach students by projectors (in which Graphics, Sound, Animation used.). So, now learning is easier and more interesting that is never before. By combine use of PC & Internet we are connected to the whole world within in a second and able to get any types of information within no time.

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