What PC Components You Need to Make PC Usable?

If you’re a computer user then you definitely know what components are compulsory to run a PC. However, most people who own a PC in a single package might think that they don’t know what components are required to make a PC usable. However, People who get PC components separately always know what they need to buy.  So, In this post we’re giving you short info to this topic.

An average PC always requires following basic components:
1. Input Devices
2. Central Processing Unit
3. Output Devices

Following diagram is showing you basic PC components, without these components you can't be able to get a running PC:

Input Devices:

These devices allow a user to interact with PC (e.g. Mouse, Keyboard,). Because of it, we can send data to PC for Data Processing.

Central Processing Unit (CPU):

It is the most important part of PC and recognized as brain of it and also known as CPU. Because all PC components are connected to this part and depend on CPU for doing any types of action.
We send data through input devices (from hardware wire/lines) to CPU, and it process the input data and show us output on the monitor screen. Then, output results save in Computer memory RAM (Random Access Memory: Read/write Computer memory, but it is temporary memory, so, data deleted when electricity disconnected) which is also the part of CPU.

Output Devices:

Once CPU follows the program instruction then the program makes a connection to output devices, e.g. Computer Screen (Monitor:Give us a Soft copy/Printer: by this, we can get a hard copy of processed information in our hands). Monitor is the most common output device without this  you will unable to use a computer.

It is quite notable to know that above are just the computer hardware components that make computer usable. But without having computer software your computer will be useless, for example, an operating system is the only software allow you to interact with the system and even you press power-on button in front of the CPU, it immediately runs the ROM BIOS software which contains the basic information about your computer hardware. We have discussed about software in detail here...

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