How to Activate Urdu Typing Feature in Windows 7

Today I’ve brought a really necessary guide for Pakistani/Indians and everyone who is looking for how to type Urdu language in combination with English. Typing Urdu language is essential for Pakistani citizen because it’s their mother tongue and they type Urdu so often then English. Let’s read the guide below:
urdu typing in xp_thumb[6]

Step One: Install Urdu Language Support / Right-to-Left Language Support

1) Go to Control Panel and type ‘Region and Language’  in search box at top-right corner of the window You will see it’s icon with name Change the date, time, or number format double-click on it.

Do-You-Know_thumb4_thumb3 You can go to Control Panel just by pressing Windows Key + R and type 'control’ then press 'Enter’ key

2) ‘Region and Language’ window will open. Now click on the ‘Keyboard and Languages’ which is on the number three order. Point your cursor to ‘Display language’ section and click on the ‘Install/uninstall languages...’ button.
3) A new dialog box  will appear ‘Choose to install or uninstall display languages’ which two options will appear   ‘Install display languages’ and Uninstall display languages
4) Click on the ‘Install display languages’ option. You will take to the next page with title ‘Choose your method of install’ with two options ‘Launch Windows Update’ and ‘Browse computer or network’.
5) Skip this step if you don’t have Windows 7 DVD, if yes then click on ‘Browse computer or network’ and then browse to the Windows 7 DVD to install Right-left language support.
6) Click on the ‘Launch Windows Update’ if you have access to the internet from your PC. After that  ‘Windows Update’ window will appear you can either click on ‘Install updates’ to install languages or either you can click on Optional updates are available’ to install a language pack of your needs.

Step Two: Install Phonetic Keyboard Layout to Type Urdu Language Easily

1) Now you have installed Urdu/Arabic language support in your Windows 7. Now you can install Phonetic keyboard layout because this is the most commonly used Keyboard layout in Pakistan, India to type Urdu language. You can click on the below to install Phonetic Keyboard layout:
(Note: Extract this link with Winrar and Click On Setup.exe)
Congratulation now you can type Urdu language anywhere on your computer. You can also install Urdu fonts on your computer to get different styles of writing by going to link below:

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  1. Thank you for writing an informative and useful article. Following your steps, I have started typing URDU in MS WORD in less than 20 minutes. Thanks again!

  2. Dear Bro!
    I have installed Urdu Language as well Phonetic Keyboard on my systme (windows-7) and its working qt good but I am experiencing a minor problem that a few letters of urdu alphabets are not joining with the last letter "ye". Eg. KAISE, KYA, KHAYAL, MERE, PYAR, YA, MERA, MERI etc.. I tried installing "PAK-URDU-INSTALLER" then also the problem remains same. I tried changing different fonts and every thing I could...
    but nothing is working out. please let me know the solution for this.

  3. Dear Bro! Assalamu Alaikum.
    I have installed Urdu Language and Urdu Phonetic Key Board on my laptop (Windows-7, 64bit) but while I type urdu in MS-Word (after switching to urdu language), the urdu letter "ye" is not getting joined with any of the other alphabets, its automatically taking a space after "ye" in the "Y". Ex. مےرے، مےرا، دسوےں، کہےں، ےھےں، please help me out to solve this issue.

    1. Waalaikum Assalaam,

      Please reconfirm that you've followed all instructions. It's possible that you've not installed Right-to-left language support. Go to Control Panel > Region and Language > Keyboard and Languages > click "Change Keyboard" button and see if there is any keyboard layout for Urdu is available if yes then it's possible that right-to-left language support isn't properly installed.