How to Type Urdu in Windows XP

How to Read / Write Urdu Language in Windows XP:

There are following Steps to do when you want write Urdu language on XP (MS Word, Notepad, etc.) without any software (e.g. Inpage)

  • First confirm that you have installed Right-to-Left Language support. To check this language support:
  • Go to Control Panel > Regional and Language Options >
    Select Languages Tab
  • In Supplemental language support section confirm that Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages (including Thai) is checked, if not check this box.
  • Click OK and insert Windows XP CD in your CD ROM.
  • After Installing right-to-left language as dialog box appears and asking you to restart your computer, Click Yes
  • After Restarting you have installed right-to-left languages, which is most import to write Urdu in Windows XP Environment
  • Next Step is you need to Install Urdu language with Phonetic Keyboard Layout (like Inpage Phonetic layout) to Install this download and Install this link:

  • (Note: Extract this link with Winrar and Click On Setup.exe)

  • Now you have successfully installed Urdu language support with Phonetic keyboard layout like Inpage after installing a toolbar appears on taskbar for active language.
  • If you want to type Urdu any where in Windows XP just use the Shortcut Key "Alt + Left Shift" to Switch from Urdu/English language.

  • If you want to add some beautiful Urdu fonts for Windows XP just download the fonts from following links:

Note: The Same Method will be used for Installing Urdu Language in Windows Vista.

Urdu Fonts Links 100 % working on Windows XP:

Alvi Nastaliq
Download This Font
Download This Font
Download This Font
Arial Urdu
Download This Font
Fajer Noori Nastaliq
Download This Font
Gohar urdu Unicode
Download This Font
Jameela Noori Kasheed
Download This Font
Jameel Noori Nastaliq
Download This Font
Nafees Tehreer Naskh
Download This Font
Nafees Riqa
Download This Font
Noori Nastaliq
Download This Font
Noreen Outline
Download This Font
Pak Nastaliq
Download This Font
Times New Roman Urdu
Download This Font
Urdu Arial
Download This Font
Urdu Global Science
Download This Font
Urdu Nastaliq
Download This Font
Urdu Fonts
Download This Font

Get Unlimited Symbolic Fonts for Free:

This Following link has unlimited types of symbolic font:

Get Free 3-Dimensions Fonts:

This Following link has unlimited types of 3-D font:

Get Free Fonts for all Categories:

The following link has unlimited type of font for English / Urdu / Arabic and etc.

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  1. This a good article about writing urdu language in xp.


  2. I want to type Noori Nataleeq font in Windoox xp.
    Please guide me.

    1. Here you know how get Noori Nastaleeq Font in Windows and Microsoft Word as well

  3. Thanks for your reply

    Yes You can type Noor Nastaliq Font in Windows XP and Microsoft Word as well.

    But Follow the Above Directions


  4. This is a very great contribution for us.

    thanks now I can easily write urdu language any where

    Thanks to You

  5. کوءی مجھے بتاءے کے ہمزہ کو ی کے ساتھ کیسے لکھیں گے۔

  6. Hi Friend!

    Just Press Alt+Shift then you switch to Urdu language

    Now just press 'U' its equal to hamzah