How Computer Works? (Urdu)

People who use the computer always be crazy to know that how it works. Because, they don't just want to use a computer, but also like to get information about working process inside the computer while using it.

This process can simply explain in this way as:

We input data (e.g. Keyboard, Mouse, etc.) into the computer, then it goes to central processing unit. CPU processes this data and gives us desired valid results on the Monitor screen, Printer, etc. which is called output.

When CPU processes our data, then this process is known as data processing, and the process from taking input to giving output is known as data processing cycle. It can also explained in this way graphically:

                                    (2+3)               (CALCULATING)             (5)

In my opinion, this post helped newbie computer users, who are just beginning to use the computer, but I'm sure they are decreasing day-by-day, which is a great success for computer industry. Even so, an average PC users will find nothing new. Anyways, we’re creating a good source of computer information from basic to advanced topics. We hope you’ll find more better and updated information about computer in later posts.

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