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As you’ve learned that data processing in computer based on three main steps, first Input of data using input devices, then processing in central processing unit and finally output devices show us processed data in form of information on output devices like Monitor, Printer, etc. We can simply define output devices as the devices that are used to present the processed data in form of simple understandable information such as Monitor or Printer.



Monitor is the most common output device you’ll find in the computer that show you output of the processed data from Central Processing Unit on the monitor screen. Today, other than Monitor there many types of output devices for a computer are available in many forms, like Printers, Fax machines, Modems, Plotters, CDs, etc. And we mainly distinguish them in two types: A hard-copy output devices, soft-copy output devices.



Monitor is a Soft-copy  output device, and it’s the most common output device that connected to the computer. The information we sent to the central processing unit using input devices we see them in processed form on the monitor screen. It means that whatever work we do on the computer we can see it on the monitor screen. You can see the text, pictures, moving pictures like movies on the monitor screen.


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