How to Use a Computer Mouse - Urdu Guide

Mouse is an input device that is basically a pointing device (Pointing device is a device that controls the cursor which moves around the screen). You can control a mouse with one hand. The computer mouse is use to control the screen with pointing cursor. Let’s talk about how it works.


How Mouse Works?

A standard mouse contains two mouse buttons. The below part of the mouse have smooth surface, and there is a round ball inside the mouse touches the surface that helps to move the cursor on the screen (However, ball mouse are rarely used today because they’re getting useless and stops working a short period of time, however Laser and optical mouse are common now). When you place the mouse on any flat surface or pad and move the mouse on the surface then pointing cursor on the screen also moves. Mouse pointer moves proportionally on the screen when you move the mouse on the flat surface.
Mouse is really an important device when you're drawing on the computer. Remember that, you cannot use mouse in command prompt however mouse is used too often in Windows environment, and without mouse it's hard to operate windows and accomplish tasks. For Example, To get yourself to a button on the screen and to press the button is very easy job with a mouse, but it would be hard or little tricky if you’re going to complete the same task with a keyboard, I’m talking about accessibility options which turns Keyboard Num-pad into a mouse.


We measure mouse speed in CPI (counts per inch) equals to DPI (dots per inch). You can increase or decrease DPI from it’s actual using tricky softwares.

Components of Mouse:

A standard mouse can have two or more buttons. Here we are giving you an example of two button mouse. And again you know that the basic purpose of the mouse is to control interface objects on the screen. Using the mouse is very easy let’s learn how you can use your mouse and what tasks you can perform with a mouse and it's buttons:

Click: When you press a button of mouse, this action is known as 'click'. Usually you can perform the single click with button on the left side of the mouse. With a single click you can select any item on the screen.

Double Click: When you press the left mouse button twice without any break, this action is known as double-click. Usually you open an item with this action.

Right Click: When you press the right side button of the mouse, is known as Right-click. Usually this opens a right click menu of a window.

Drag and Drop:  If you keep pressing the left mouse button and meanwhile you move the cursor and leave the left mouse button is known as 'Drag and Drop'.

Hence, you've understood that mouse and keyboard are basic input devices that sends input data to the computer. After that input data goes to Central Processing Unit (CPU) to process the input data. Next we're going to discuss about Central Processing unit. Let’s keep on reading and learn every basic thing about computer.

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