Introduction to Input & Output Devices - Just like fun

As we know that Computer process information in three steps:
1) Inputting data to Computer through input devices (Keyboard, Mouse)
2) Processing data inputs in Central Processing Unit (CPU)
3) Show processed data to output devices (Monitor Screen)
As everybody knows that today computers have too many input and output devices. So, It's not enough tell all about them and their functions in one piece of information. That's why we're going to discuss them one by one in a fun like way.
At first, Keyboard or Mouse are commonly the basic way to interacting with your computer. But do you know input devices aren't just bound to keyboard & mouse, So what's another???.. , if you've money you can buy any sort of input device for your own purposes which are available in the market. An input device could be a microphone, scanner, card reader, etc. All input devices are use to make your work possible to do, easy and faster that you can't imagined do it by yourself with your computer.
At second, similar case for output devices, in which Monitor is very commonly used output device. Without it you can't see what input you have given to the CPU. If someone has damaged your monitor so you must've to worry about to get another one huh,  What it means if the computer without monitor, yes!!!… a man without head oh wow you guessed it, you're a genius.  As like, input devices there are many output devices are available on the basis of purpose of your work. Such as, if you want a hard copy of your college notes you need a printer. If you don't have money to buy it, then just go to your near printing shop for your needs, and have a fun.
It’s all from today, Just little fun & little info. In later posts, we'll discuss about input, output devices more briefly and seriously. So, go ahead and comment below to tell me what’s wrong with it.
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