How Data Communication Works in Computer?

In computer data communication means to provide/exchange information to computer and there is very organized procedure for that. Here we will tell you about how and in which form computer process data and how it interacts with the user. By reading this chapter you will come to know that how computer works on data.
Data Communication in Computer

Before going into this chapter first you must have to know that how computer comes into connection with us. It always needs code for any type of communication. When someone enters data with input device computer convert it into its language that is the code and when data processed the codes are again converting into information then give results to the user on output devices. In the same way, computer will process the data whenever we provide it. There are many data forms in computer, e.g. Text, Images, Audio & Video, etc. and every data form will process this way. As codes are the common language for computer.

However, now the question is how codes come into existence? We know that computer is a machine that has formed with many electronic circuits. So, The Information provided to computer always in the form of electric signals. These reach to computer with two states: ON or OFF. Codes are used to represent these signals in computer. These codes look like mathematical digits.

In computer, ON state represent '1' and OFF '2'. Thus, any type of computer data sends/receive from the computer by a combination of 0 and 1. In this process 0 and 1 mathematical are used. These digits are called Binary digits.
So, now you have learned that how data processed in computer. Now next thing is that how computer represent data and memory. So let’s move on to next article…

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