Get Best-Matched Subtitles for Your Favorite Movie Without Wasting Time on Syncing it Manually

Now you’re very happy because you’ve got the the DVD of your favorite movie, But unfortunately the movie didn’t come up with subtitles. And the chances are you will not understand some or many parts of the movie because you might not understand what the actors are saying due to the speed of words, pronunciation, etc. even if you’re a native English speaker. On the other hand, some people only like to watch movies with their own native languages. In this tutorial you’ll know how you can get the best-matched subtitles for the movie without manually finding and syncing them.


For most of movies the best-matched subtitles are usually available in which you don't need to syncing the subtitles manually. But I have seen many tutorials in which people are telling to sync the video manually if timing isn't right or have delay in it. It's possible the subtitles you've isn't synced for your DVD due to FPS.

But, my question is why to sync. the subtitles of videos that are already synced by the professionals since these are most popular movies. However, you will need to sync. the movies that are edited/censored for family audience, etc. Let's come to this time-saving solution.

I am assuming that you've installed the latest version of VLC If not just go the VLC website and download it now.

  • Now Run the VLC Player
  • Goto 'Media' Menu > 'Open File' or simply press 'Ctrl+O'
  • Browse the movie for which you’re looking best-matched subtitles and Press 'Open' button

Now here is the real time-saving that will remove your headache of finding and loading synced subtitles instantly. Just download VLSub from here the plugin designed for VLC Player to do this job. The coder really deserves the T

After installing this VLC plugin you will able see this plugin at the bottom under 'View' menu with text 'VLSub x.x.x'. This plugin will instantly allows you to search and download subtitles for any available language. For this you've two search options available 'Search by hash' and 'Search by name'. 'Search by hash' option is what I love the most and It really help in finding best synced subtitle.

  • Since you've loaded the movie now you just need to click 'Search by hash' it will come up with the best synced subtitles. Try some of these by pressing 'Download select' button and it will immediately load up in the movie. And Let’s Play and Enjoy!

I hope now you've synced subtitles for the movie you're looking. Have a great fun with the movie you're watching.

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