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Possibly you may be in a troubling situation due to lags and no smoothness in the video when you try to use Camtasia, Camstudio, etc. to record HD video currently playing  on the media player and you didn’t find them great to do this task 100% well. Now may be you're looking for a better screen video recorder that will help you to record such videos.  So, today I'm going to share you a great screen recording tool that will help you to record ultra smooth screen recording.

The tools that I'm currently using for all super smooth screen video recording is FRAPS. It allows me to record HD movies, gameplay without losing quality. But unfortunately this tool isn't free, however you can get it for $37 with free updates. I just did a video to show the comparison between some of my previous screen video recording tools and this great software Fraps. You can check it out here (http://youtube.com/)


Now let's see how I can do ultra smooth recording with these tool but before you start recording please follow the performance improvement instructions given in this link will help for smooth & fast screen recording. Let's follow the step-by-step process below:

This is always the most easiest part for me :) and surely for your too.

1) Click 'Start' Menu > then 'All Programs' > Scroll to 'Fraps' folder then select Fraps program

This program looks very simple and it is very simple no doubt just for 4 tabs for this whole program.

General Tab:
I usually check 'Minimize to system tray only' to keep it hide from taskbar while recording. Or sometime I just  check 'Start Fraps minimized' when I'm just recording a specific area for example recording movies/videos

II) Check 'Monitor Aero Desktop (DWM)’ this is the key option will help you to record your whole desktop. But it's only available in the newer version. and this option is buggy I don’t prefer Fraps to do desktop recording very much.


FPS Tab:
IV) Click the 'Hide Overlay' option button you will it on the right so you'll not see the FPS benchmarking on your video as you’re currently seeing below:



Movies Tab:
V) Set a suitable 'Video Capture Hotkey' whenever you need screen recording I'm using 'Shift+F10' key.

VI) Under 'Video Capture Setting' select the suitable fps most of the time for movies you can use 25-30 FPS or might be 60 fps if it's HD video or a gameplay. I forgot to mention that this tool can help you to record your gameplay (such you’re playing FIFA 2011 you can easily record with this tool.)

VII) Under 'Sound Capture Settings' if you want to narrate your voice with microphone check 'Record external input' mostly you'll do this if you're creating a tutorial for playing games otherwise just uncheck it and check 'Record Win7 Sound’ for recording movies.

VIII) Check 'Hide mouse cursor in video' if it's movie/gameplay

Note: Most Importantly If you’re going to record a long video then you should first select a drive location where you’ve some amount of hard drive space and to do this click ‘Change’ and browse the location then click ‘OK’.


Now be prepare you'll to do the first screen recording experience with tool:

IX) Just press your 'Video Capture Hotkey' I set Shift+F10 to start recording but you'll notice there is no sign of  recording on the screen. but it's recording and let’s enjoy recording videos on your screen.

I usually use this for recording PowerPoint videos with sync audio on iSpring then record in HD format with this great tool. I have already used Camtasia, Camstudio (Free), Snagit (for Low-end computers) but I didn't find such ultra smooth screen video recording with these tools. There are some tricks that you need to do to improve the video recording performance, but I'm sure you'll not find such smoothness as compare to recording with this tools, possible some may not agree no doubt.

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