Top 10 Time Saving Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows You Should Know

If you consider yourself the one who always prioritize saving time as the most important priority then here is the good news for computer users like you. While using keyboard shortcuts in your daily computer routine you can save you a lot of time. You can make yourself productive by using keyboard shortcuts and can make yourself focused on the work. Usually people lose their focus when they put off their hands out of the keyboard.

It's a fact that everyone don't like to use the keyboard shortcuts. However some people prefer to use the keyboard as much as they can instead of using mouse for some tasks. Because these people's already experienced that the work done by mouse could take more time than the work done by the keyboard.


What is a Keyboard Shortcut?

You can perform a keyboard shortcut by pressing specific keyboard keys together to repeat a specific action. This action completes by pressing a modifier key with a character key.



According to research at Brainscape using keyboard shortcuts can save about 64 hours per year or 8 working days.



A Practical Example of using Keyboard Shortcuts:

Let me tell you an interesting thing that the most productive technical support companies or the organization where the data entry work done on a big scale they try to limits their employees to use keyboard for most of their computer work and this can be possible only when bound themselves using keyboard shortcuts. These kind of employees are usually productive for the company because they keep their focus on the work.


Do You Want to Be A Super User?

As you master yourself with keyboard shortcuts and make use of them in your daily routine the peoples like you usually known as super user. Because the use of the keyboard becomes more easier for you than the other people who don't use the keyboard shortcuts. Another reason of that is you made a workflow for computer use with keyboard shortcuts.

Sometimes you don't know the keyboard shortcuts so alternatively you use the mouse and try to find out the required command by scrolling down through menus which waste a lot of seconds to perform just one command that's totally a waste of time. I think this is the main reason of losing focus while you work.

Due to all above reasons, it's important to use keyboard for most of the tasks, and make keyboard shortcuts as part of your daily computer life. In the list below we have given the top 10 computer shortcuts that you should use them in your daily computer life:


1) Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Insert / Ctrl + X (To Cut or Copy any item)

2) Shift + Insert or Ctrl + V (To Paste Copied Item)

3) Ctrl + Y or Ctrl + Z (Undo or Redo an action)

4) Alt + Esc. or Alt + Tab (Switch Between Windows)

5) Alt + F4 (Close the Window)

6) Ctrl + W (Close the Tab – Used normally while using internet browser)

7) Ctrl + F (Search for items)

8) Windows + R (To Open Run Command)

9) Ctrl + Backspace (Delete a Word to the left – while text editing)

10) Ctrl+Shift then Left/Right Arrow (To Select words – while text editing)

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