How You Can Able to Manage All Social Networking & IM Accounts At One Place???

As we're growing in the fast-moving world, quick communication between people is the main concern to keep yourself connected with friends and business contacts in really cheap. On the Internet Instant Messaging Services allow us to send/receive messages in real-time. Since almost all of these services are free that's why there so much demand, however there are lots of choices available to you like Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo, AOL, and especially Skype (which is widely high quality for voice communication between people).


It’s fact that most internet users use more than one IM Service and Social Networking site.

1) Most Internet Users Use More than One Social Networking Site and IM Service

Its fact that most internet users use more than one IM service. To use their services you to use their website or install their IM clients for each of the IM services. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, where people have to sign in to their website to keep connect and message their friends. So, it would be a headache for you to keep in contact with them if your one friend uses Facebook for IM, and other use Google talk / Yahoo, etc. Thus, Having an account on all major Social and IM website is a good solution, but managing all of them individually is another headache is much time consuming, and it can make you less productive.

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2) Manage Multiple Social Networking / Instant Messengers Accounts From One App

To fill this gap of organizing all major ways of online communication multiple Social/IM services at once we have available multiple Social/IM application for your desktop. In which can manage all your accounts at one place. So, you'll keep connected with everyone whether your friend is on Yahoo / Google / MSN / AOL or Facebook / Myspace no problem. You can even use twitter for tweets and keep updated with your timeline, like or comment on Facebook's updates.

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3) Multiple Social Networking / Instant Messenger App Ready to Keep You Connected

There are three major applications available that offer us to use and organize multiple Social/IM accounts at once. The applications are:
* Digsby
* Trellian Astra
* Pidgin

I have used Digsby for about 3 three years and much satisfied with this application, but nowadays it's annoying with "Facebook authentication error' message. At the moment, I am switching to Trellian Astra still I'm much satisfied with it due to it looks and support for Skype's account. I can be easily able to send tweets from my two twitter accounts, one for friends and other for business. So, now it's time for you to start thinking to use multiple Social/IM application to save your time in the future that you consume just for communication.

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