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This is really interesting thing when you first time going to operate your computer. To use your computer may be funny and may be little bit easy and it’s a basic need for us. By knowing how to operate your computer, you need to know about your computer, its components and also about operating system and software. It allows you to know about latest technology and share your knowledge with others. As a beginner you must need to know about every thing how to operate an application. There are many offline and online courses for operating computer. There are few key points in knowing how to operate computer. First of all you should know that computer was built to make human life easy not to make it more complex.

If you look at recent past computer had only recommended to organizations. Then time changed and pc computer came in markets for personal use. These computers are divided in two main parts hardware and software. Visible parts of computer are hardware and software is the part that operates this hardware. Despite PC computers, MAC computers are all in one technology based. If we talk about software, operating system and applications come first. There are some important points for beginners to learn your computer.


1. Firstly you should visit the website of the manufacturer of your computer. Select your computer model and then see details about your system. It shows you basic and important information about its comparability.

2. You can also visit the website e.g. Hewlett Packard. After opening this site, click on 'Sources' then on 'all courses' and see all courses regarding beginners. Select a free course from home Office, Microsoft Office and Adobe. This website teaches us about pc security maintenance of computer. It also tells us about a range of software suitable to you.

3. You may call your friend or a family member to help you. While working with friend, it’s easy for you to ask him questions about your problems. There are some basic things while you start to operate your computer. First important step is to create a file it’s an easy step. In each program you open, is a tab of file on the left top of the program Click on it. A window opens then select create option now file is formed by clicking on it. A file may be a picture, report, song anything else which is in digital format. A file is shown is by its name which is followed by a dot (.) or an extension. An extension shows that which type of file is this. For an example, some files are shown by extension of .doc. If we write 'calender.doc', it is a file named calendar and is being saved as a word document. There are many types of extension. You can place files in a folder. In a folder there can be many files. You can download applications which are suitable for you.

As we discussing guide for beginners, it is important to know that in 1990's Microsoft created an operating program and named it 'Windows' .Lately many new versions of 'Windows' came and became famous in operating systems. Despite visiting websites of manufacturers, you can visit third party websites to get important information for beginners. These websites are nice to visit:


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  1. There are few key points in knowing how to operate computer. First of all you should know that computer....urdu video tutorial sites

  2. First of all you should know that computer was built to make human life easy not to make it more complex.wordpress tutorial in urdu