How to Build a PC

Usually if someone wishes to get a new PC for himself, then obviously he will go to the computer retailer shop. However, before going to the shop, have you ever think about why you are purchasing a PC from the shop, which is at 500 $ or more. In another way, you can purchase just PC components to build a PC under 500 dollars with your full satisfaction. Are you still thinking that only a Pc technician can arrange pc component but in the same way you can also arrange PC component in your newly built PC?

By building a PC yourself, you will get following benefits:

A Cheapest PC
If you are going to buy a new PC and want to consume money less than 100$ may be you will get a PC, but this will be slower in speed. For fast performance PC, you need to investment from 300-500+ dollars. If you buy only PC components and install into your PC then you can make your PC less than the actual amount of PC purchased from the shop. Because by purchasing components separately, you just need to pay the amount of PC components, and you don’t need to pay fees of a computer technician, also the shop keeper will not be able to get a an extra commission from PC. By making PC your own you can get a PC in cheaper price.

PC According to Your Purpose
Every person has different aims for using the computer. Someone has just aimed for playing games on PC, or someone has some professional aims, such as, video editing. From a student to an engineer, everyone knows the purpose of his computer use. For video games, you need to build a PC for gaming, the same way for a video editor you need to build PC for video editing. For this you need to get the required components then you will be able to make your PC to you needs. This is only possible when you custom build a PC.

If you want to purchase a pre-built PC that has built from a computer retailer. Where you will save some of your time but getting some big losses.

If you buy a prebuilt pc you will get following losses:

Use of non-standard component:
If you buy a pre-built PC may be your PC contains non-standards components, which may affect the performance of your PC. It's likely possible your PC components may damage soon, and you’ll get a financial loss. The main reason of is that in a ready made PC you don’t know what type & quality of components are used in the PC.

Pc components not related to your purpose:
If you buy a pre-built PC then this will not meet to your needs. For example, a video editor needs high speed pc components. In a pre-built PC, it is possible that this will not contain your desired components or may have components that you don’t need. So you’ll get in trouble.

Prebuilt PC's are expensive:
Usually prebuilt PC's are expensive than home build PC's. Because in a prebuilt PC you are paying an extra amount for each component installed in your PC, but the fees of a computer technician are an additional cost for you. So by purchasing a prebuilt pc you are paying some extra money.
If you don’t want to get a prebuilt pc and want to build a pc your own then next information are beneficial for you. So, what you need to build see the step by step guide below:
  1. Choosing a PC
  2. Installing Motherboard
  3. Installing Power supply
  4. Ram & Cards installation
We can say above are the checklist for building pc. If its hard for you to take your time in reading these steps, you can also watch the below video for building a PC:

Build your own PC video

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