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Welcome all Friend, I Know That Every Pakistani and Indians Users all the world who wants to Type Urdu In Windows 2000 / XP and also want to make their web pages in Urdu without any support. As you know that Urdu Inpage Software Can't Support Urdu Web, So I am going to give you a really good news about that after this article you can easily support Urdu Typing in Windows XP. After That you can easily read/write and edit Urdu in Best Word Processing program Microsoft Word and in all around the Windows like Notepad, Wordpad, Dialog, Boxes Internet Browser (For Use Urdu Keywords), And any where in the Windows XP, So I think Now You are really excited about that how you could do this, calm and easy and because I will give you a Step-By-Step Guide For Urdu Support In Windows XP. You Follow the Instruction given in the whole post. So Let's Start Supporting Windows For Urdu:

First I'm going to Mention That Windows XP originally support for Urdu Language for Reading and Writing and editing, But Some thing wrong with this original support is that The Windows Default Urdu Keyboard Layout is Not Reliable for Urdu Typing and has a totally different style than any other Urdu Softwares. I has totally different positions of urdu keys.

Majority of People who are using Urdu Inpage Like Urdu Software in which a most popular Keyboard Layout for Urdu Typing is Phonetic Keyboard.

Layout, Because Urdu typing with this Keyboard Layout is more comfortable, more fast than any Urdu Keyboard Layout. And Now you are really sad I think, Because Windows XP didn't give Your liked Keyboard Layout. Let See What Urdu Keyboard Layout Windows XP Supports:

1) Windows XP Urdu Keyboard Layout For Lower-Case:

2) Windows XP Urdu Keyboard Layout For Upper-Case


So, Don't Be Unhappy now I'm giving you a really good News!!! That You Can Type Urdu In XP with Phonetic Keyboard But HOw, Follow me:

You Simply Need A File To Install In Your Computer After Setup completes For Urdu Support In XP.

Now Get Started With This Step-by-Step(Step By Step) Guide For Supporting Urdu in XP(Typing Urd in XP):

Setting Up Your System For Urdu:

There are following Steps to do when you want to write Urdu language in XP (MS Word, Notepad, etc.) without any software (e.g. Inpage)

First confirm that you have installed Right-to-Left Language support. To check this language support:
Go to Control Panel > Regional and Language Options >
Select Languages Tab
In Supplemental language support section confirm that Install files for complex script and right-to-left languages (including Thai) is

checked, if not check this box.
Click OK and insert Windows XP CD in your CD ROM.
After Installing right-to-left language as dialog box appears and asking you to restart your computer, Click Yes
After Restarting you have installed right-to-left languages, which is most import to write Urdu in Windows XP Environment

Setup and Installing Urdu Phonetic Layout Keyboard (Windows Installation File):

As I Mentioned above that a one file you required for urdu typing with most popular and comfortable Keyboard Layout (Phonetic Keyboard

For This you need to Install Urdu language with Phonetic Keyboard Layout (like Inpage Phonetic layout) to Install this download and

Install this link:

Urdu Language with Phonetic Keyboard Layout (Download this Link)

Follow These Instruction When Installing This File:

Download this file and extract it with winzip
You Can Extract these Files in any folder you want. For Example I am using C:\ for extracting these files.
After Files Extracted, Open the extracted folder and Click on Setup.exe
Now A Windows Apears Like That

This file Automatically Installing Urdu Phonetic Keyboard Layout to Your Windows XP, You Click Close Button After Installation Completed.

Now you have successfully installed Urdu language support with Phonetic keyboard layout like Urdu Inpage or Other Urdu Softwares after installing this package a toolbar appears on taskbar for active language, Like that

If you want to type Urdu any where in Windows XP just use the Shortcut Key "Alt + Left Shift" to Switch from Urdu/English language, or use

Click This 'EN' button a menu appears you can 'UR' to switch to urdu language, but the fastest way to urdu typing in XP use "Alt + Left Shift Key".

Un-Installing The Urdu Phonetic Keyboard Layout:

If you want to uninstall the Phonetic Keyboard Layout, Just Double Click Again The Setup.exe File And When Window appears select the remove the keyboard layout.


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